iPhone 15 Set for Mid-September Debut, Major Enhancements Expected

iPhone 15 Set for Mid-September Debut, Major Enhancements Expected
iPhone 14 Pros and 14 Pro Max on display at an Apple event at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, September 7, 2022 (Photo: AFP)

Apple will debut its next-generation iPhone 15 line-up in an event planned for either September 12 or 13, Bloomberg news agency reported on Monday.

The anticipated sales start date for the iPhone 15 is September 22.

As per the report, the upcoming iPhone is expected to bring the most significant enhancements to the device in the past three years. The Pro variant will feature slimmer borders surrounding the display, a titanium frame that offers a lighter and more luxurious feel compared to the current stainless-steel design, notable camera advancements, the inclusion of a USB-C charging port, and a significantly faster processor.

During the company's financial results announcement for the third quarter, it was revealed that iPhone sales experienced a 2% decline to $39.67 billion.

The sales of current-generation iPhone 14 were severely affected by production challenges caused by Covid-19 at Foxconn facilities in China, leading to a slump in holiday sales for 2022. Apple is reportedly working to diversify its supply chain throughout Southeast Asia.