Hatchery in Ahal to Produce 560 Thousand Turkeys Annually

Hatchery in Ahal to Produce 560 Thousand Turkeys Annually
Turkey chickens (Photo: decorexpro.com)

Preparations for the new season are already in full swing at the turkey farm in Gokdepe district of Ahal province, where an incubator with the capacity to produce 560,000 turkey poults annually is being installed, the Rysgal newspaper reported on Monday.

Maksat Ibragimov, the operator of the turkey farm, said: "The farm has turkey poultry houses, a feed preparation unit, an incubator, and departments where various products are prepared from turkey meat. We are also preparing the incubator for the production of broiler turkey chicks from more than 14,000 turkey eggs."

The hatching chicks are raised and fed under the supervision of relevant experts in an appropriate temperature and light environment. Properly fed female turkeys are ready for slaughter in 90 days and male turkeys in 130 days.

According to Maksat Ibragimov, it is possible to obtain 9-11 kilograms of meat from an adult female turkey and 18-21 kilograms from a male turkey. Turkey meat is especially distinguished by its nutritional value and dietary suitability.

Currently, the product preparation department of the turkey farm produces delicatessen products (salami, sausages), semi-finished products (somsa, manti, meatballs) and other products from turkey meat under the "Maksada Okgunly" brand.


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