Turkmenistan and FAO to Launch Joint Project on Water Management

Turkmenistan and FAO to Launch Joint Project on Water Management
Karakum river, Turkmenistan

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will launch the first technical assistance project in Turkmenistan's water sector, the Neytralnyy Turkmenistan newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The project will study national hydraulic techniques and introduce innovations such as drip irrigation, sprinkling, and sprinkler method.

The practical part of the project will placed in one of the northwestern regions of the country, where water metering sensors will be installed, the hydro systems of inter-farm irrigation networks will be improved, a weather station will be established, and irrigation training will be conducted.

The environmental component of the project is aimed at protecting terrestrial ecosystems and landscapes. Representatives of the Ministry of Environment reported that a pilot project is being formed and will be ready by the end of the year.

Following the one-year small-scale project, the sides plan to launch a multi-year project, which will aim to strengthen institutional capacity to apply environmentally friendly practices in environmental management and introduce the principles of integrated water resources use to achieve sustainability, adaptability of agricultural production in a changing climate.

The project also aims to bring the country closer to a "zero" emissions position in the agro-industrial sector.