Turkmenistan Announces Auction for Sale of 46 State Properties

Turkmenistan Announces Auction for Sale of 46 State Properties
The auction will include service facilities, including stores, cafes, cafeterias, a wellness center, administrative buildings and production facilities.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan announced an auction for the sale of 46 state properties.

The list of state property to be privatized was published in Monday edition of Neytralnyy Turkmenistan newspaper. The auction will be held on May 10 on the digital state property auction platform at www.е.fineconomic.gov.tm and through the mobile application of the platform.

Among the largest objects that will be put up for auction are cattle and poultry farm in Lebap province with an area of 25,500 square meters, Döwrebap Trade Centre (8,800 square meters) and a two-story building in Lebap province, a pipe plant in Dashoguz province (6,400 square meters) and an office building of Nur Zaman Economic Association in Ashgabat (4,300 square meters).

Service facilities, including stores, cafes, canteens, health center, administrative buildings and production facilities will also be auctioned.

Citizens of Turkmenistan and foreign nationals, as well as non-governmental legal entities of Turkmenistan and other countries are allowed to participate in the auction following the procedure established by the legislation.

The Department of Property Relations and Enterprise Support of the Ministry of Finance and Economy and specialized entities of departments of finance and economy of provinces and Ashgabat city carry out consultations on the procedure for participation in the auction and the provision of additional information on the objects for privatization.

All auction participants will have opportunity to get acquainted with the information about the object of privatization beforehand. The sale of state objects is carried out with all obligations.

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