President of Turkmenistan on Work Trip to Balkan Province

President of Turkmenistan on Work Trip to Balkan Province
President Serdar Berdimuhamedov got informed about the pace of grazing in Balkan.

President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov made a working trip to the Balkan province to see the progress of the state program on the socio-economic development of provinces and the pace of grazing.

According to the official Turkmen media, the Head of State visited a wheat field of the Batly Gadam company in the Gyzylarbat district and talked to the enterprise's farmer G. Amanmyradov.

President  Berdimuhamedov inquired about the conditions of work of the farmer, as well as the kinds of crops he grows on the leased land and how productive the wheat fields are. The farmer said that he has been working on the land for 23 years and plans to harvest 112.5 tons of wheat from an area of 25 hectares this year.

Further, the President of Turkmenistan talked with the mechanizer of the Gyzylarbat district technical maintenance enterprise of the Balkan province agricultural production association of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection S.Odyayev and with the head of the Batly Gadam company A. Amanmammedov.

Noting with delight the active dynamics of involvement of entrepreneurs in the agro-industrial complex, the President pledged that the state would provide the necessary support to improve their efficiency.

According to the report, fields in Balkan province were sown with high-yield wheat varieties. An exhibition of vegetable and melon crops, fruits, seeds of cereals, and bakery products was also organized.

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