Turkmen Entrepreneur Produces Composite Rebar and Mesh

Turkmen Entrepreneur Produces Composite Rebar and Mesh
The composite rebar is highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions and does not corrode.

The Ashgabat-based Entrepreneur Allamyrat Allaberdiyev in partnership with the Turan Ýyldyzy Individual Enterprise established the production and sale of new innovative products – composite rebar and mesh.

The company specialist told Business Turkmenistan that the new products are made from high quality raw materials from the leading international producers.

These construction products are alternative to metallic rebar, netting and having high strength, corrosion resistance and dielectric properties can be widely used in construction, reconstruction, interior and exterior finishing of buildings, landscaping of adjacent territories, for reinforcement of concrete structures in many countries of the world.

The company’s new output consists of composite rebar of different diameters, including from 4 to 24 mm and composite mesh with a diameter of 2 to 5 mm and mesh sizes from 5 to 25 cm. The daily production capacity of the company is from 5 to 7 thousand meters of rebar and 1 thousand square meters of mesh.

The composite rebar is highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions and does not corrode. It withstands temperatures from minus 70 to plus 200 degrees and is 2.5-3 times stronger than steel rebar with the same diameter.

Besides, the weight of composite rebar is more than 5 times less than the weight of its steel alternative, which reduces the load on the foundation of constructions. Service life without loss of durability is estimated not less than 80 years. It is important to note that these products are environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful and toxic substances.

Composite rebar and mesh is much cheaper than the traditional ones. Considering the above, local and foreign construction companies show increased interest and purchase these products for use in their projects.

In view of the increased interest on the part of potential buyers from neighboring countries, the Entrepreneur has the ability to sell the product on terms of delivery DAP Turkmenistan border and FOB Turkmenbashi port.

Contact information of the manufacturer:

Phone number:

+993 65608802

+993 62975440

E-mail: turkmenkompozit@gmail.com