Turkish Company Builds Eco-village in Turkmenistan

Turkish Company Builds Eco-village in Turkmenistan
Ecovillage-a settlement created to organize an environmentally friendly space for people to live.

The Turkish company Çalık Enerji is constructing an ultra-modern eco-village on Lake Altyn Asyr in Turkmenistan, NewsCentralAsia Agency reported on Wednesday.

Gokmen Topuz, the Deputy General Director of Çalık Enerji, presented the project of the eco-village during the International Forum on Attracting Foreign Investment in the Energy Sector of Turkmenistan.

The eco-village will have low carbon dioxide emissions, zero waste management, low water consumption with water recycling and filtration, and drought tolerance. It will also feature an administrative building, police and fire posts, retail outlets, medical center, school, kindergarten, community hall, residential buildings for 200 families, water treatment plants, sewage pumping stations, filtration facilities, and communication facilities.

Furthermore, an eco-village will have a hybrid power plant that will operate using renewable energy sources.  

Topuz specified that the village is 264 km from Ashgabat and, after completion, Lake Altyn Asyr will span 2,000 square kilometers with a maximum depth of 70 meters. The project’s estimated cost is around $4.5 billion, with the lake taking up 15 years to fill.

An international forum on attracting foreign investments into the energy sector of Turkmenistan started on Thursday in Dubai at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.