2022: Export of Petroleum Products from Kazakhstan

2022: Export of Petroleum Products from Kazakhstan
The majority of Kazakhstani Ai-92 was exported to Baltic ports.

Last year Kazakhstan exported Ai-92 gasoline only in April due to the priority of shipments to the domestic market.

No foreign shipments of Kazakhstani diesel fuel were recorded last year, the international price reporting agency Argus informed Business Turkmenistan.

The majority of Ai-92 was exported to Baltic ports. Rail shipments of Kazakhstan gasoline Ai-92 of the fourth class to Ventspils were 19.8 thousand tons, and Paldiski - 1.9 thousand tons in April 2022.

Fuel oil and vacuum gasoil shipments to Kyrgyzstan increased to 5.9 thousand tons during the reporting period.

Previously, Kazakhstan sent its petroleum products mostly to mini-refineries in Kara-Balta, which the firm used as raw materials for refining. Kara-Balta refinery was closed in December 2019 due to a lack of raw materials and quarantine limitations in Kyrgyzstan.

Rail shipments of dark oil products from Kazakhstan to foreign markets climbed by nearly 25% year-over-year to 2.49 million tons last year. Fuel oil exports increased due to increased output, whereas vacuum gasoil exports declined due to decreasing production at the Atyrau Refinery.

Rail shipments of Kazakh fuel oil to Georgian terminals increased dramatically in the same period, from 56.7 thousand tons to 901.8 thousand tons.  Kazakh exporters began rerouting batches of fuel oil to Batumi and Kulevi via Russian ports on the Black and Azov seas in late February.

According to the Situational Analytical Center of the Fuel and Energy Complex of Kazakhstan, the country's imports of petroleum products in 2022 decreased from 567,200 tons to 424,100 tons. The data, in addition to railway imports, include information on shipments via oil product pipelines and on-road deliveries.

According to the transport companies, the diesel fuel imports’ volume last year amounted to 263 thousand tons. Almost half of this volume, about 125 thousand tons, came from Nizhnekamsk plants of Taif and Taneko companies.

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