Polish Artist Presents Paintings Dedicated to Turkmenistan

Polish Artist Presents Paintings Dedicated to Turkmenistan
Exhibition of Joanna Galecka, Museum of Fine Arts, August 3-5, 2023, Ashgabat , Turkmenistan

Polish artist Joanna Galecka presented her new series of paintings dedicated to Turkmenistan at the Ashgabat Museum of Fine Arts on August 3-5, the official Turkmen media reported on Saturday.

All the works on display are paintings and graphic works inspired by the unique Turkmen culture, nature and people of different regions of the country.

The artist expressed her joy of re-visiting Turkmenistan and shared that when she first came to this country and saw beautiful women in bright scarves, she realized that depicting people would become a key theme for her. She added that the Altyn Asyr Gündogar bazaar became her main source of inspiration, where she often painted and met interesting people. The artist was surprised at how open and hospitable those she met were, they gave her treats and read her poetry. The paintings she is now exhibiting were created during her tour of the Halach town.

Most of the paintings on display are done using pastel crayons on colored paper. These impressive works of art attract the viewers' attention with their brightness and skill in conveying images.

Joanna Galecka first visited Turkmenistan in 2001. The Polish artist has successfully organized more than 30 solo exhibitions in different countries. Her creative activity is not limited only to exhibitions, as she is also a teacher, conducts master classes and delves into the study of culture and traditions of nations.

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